One sentence that captures the Left’s position on Abortion


In an article in this morning’s Washington Post entitled

“Will Kermit Gosnell change the abortion debate?”

, author Juliet Eilperin captures the Left’s position with pellucid clarity. She writes:

“Can the allegedly egregious acts of one provider shift the broader abortion debate?”

That Dr. Gosnell is an abortionist has been established by his license from the State of Pennsylvania. That he performed late-term abortions was advertised by the doctor. The results of those abortions have been entered into evidence and are unquestionable.

That Ms. Eilperin uses the terms “alleged” and “egregious” is clearly indicative of her perspective regardless of the Post’s style manual. They are a semantic smoking gun.

This is the position of the Left and of this Administration specifically. Late term abortion is perfectly legal to this faction. 10 days ago in Florida, a representative of Planned Parenthood endorsed post delivery abortion or as most of us call it, murder.

This is the logical extension of the eugenics policies advocated by Margaret Sanger when she founded Planned Parenthood in 1916. Eugenics, the policy of selective breeding and culling of human beings to establish a superior genetic stock was the policy of Adolph Hitler as well, if you recall.

Sanger and her allies, who included Theodore Roosevelt, wanted to eliminate defective traits and populations and specially targeted African-Americans. Abortion rights are part and parcel of the Progressive agenda, and that includes Ms. Eilperin, the President of the United States, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services.

You see, the President’s has been very clear on his support for late-term abortion. He was interviewed in 2003. And in 2007

“Obama sharply criticized the Supreme Court for its 2007 Gonzales v. Carhart decision upholding the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. He said, “I strongly disagree with today’s Supreme Court ruling…I am extremely concerned that this ruling will embolden state legislatures to enact further measures to restrict a woman’s right to choose, and that the conservative Supreme Court justices will look for other opportunities to erode Roe v. Wade, which is established federal law and a matter of equal rights for women.”

Kathleen Sebelius, a nominal Catholic, invested her tenure as the Governor of Kansas into the support of late-term abortion. Jack Cashill in The American Thinker connects the dots in the web of corruption and Leftist maneuvering in Kansas in the abortion debate centered around Dr. George Tiller, another late-term abortionist. The story was never reported in the national media. Sebelius led a coordinated campaign for six years to fight for Tiller’s right to abort late term fetuses.

In November of 2012 Human Events magazine reported that the wife of Attorney General Eric Holder, OB/GYN Dr. Sharon Malone Holder and her sister own, through a family trust the building in Georgia housing the offices of controversial abortionist Dr. Tyrone Cecil Malloy. AG Holder’s Department of Justice has been aggressive in targeting anti-abortion groups, not so much the potential violations of abortion laws on the books. There is a clear conflict of interest.

So we have the President, his HHS Secretary, and the Attorney General all far to the left of the American People on reproductive rights. We have spokespeople for Planned Parenthood acknowledging their support for post natal abortion.

And then we have Ms. Eilperin concerned that the abortion debate is turning against late-term abortion definitively, arguing that abortion clinics are overburdened with rules and regulations as it stands. She points out that the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL) has given an “F” to Pennsylvania for the states restrictive abortion policies. She argues that emotion is overcoming reason. But is it?

Is it reasonable to take the life of a viable human being simply for the fact of its existence? Go down to any hospital with a maternity ward and look at the section for premature infants. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent per case to keep these infants alive. How does this dichotomy reconcile itself in any humane society? When does a fetus or in the case of late-term or post delivery cases have its own human rights? Our policies are schizophrenic.

And the Strangelovian rhetoric of the Left must be recognized for what it is. In the newspeak of the Left calls it reproductive rights. Except the product has no rights. Even until the final stages of pregnancy and beyond, if they had their way.

I cannot and would not post the photographs of the souls lost to Dr. Gosnell’s snips, but they are little different from those of healthy, living infants.

Scientifically, life begins at conception. Our society has decided that a life may be terminated prior to birth. Those limits have been legally established and yet the abortion rights movement wants no restrictions whatsoever. How is this just? And how do we reconcile having some of the strongest advocates for those extreme positions writing the rules and regulations and then enforcing, or not enforcing them?


Obama’s Way versus the American Way

On the way home this afternoon from running errands, my wife told me about a friend of hers who attended a benefit last night. A local 16 year old has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which is almost always fatal. The benefit was for that kid.

A bunch of people got together; they freely associated as we Americans do; and put together a fund-raiser to help pay for an extremely expensive experimental therapy. The amount of money raised is not the issue nor is the cause, necessarily.

What is at issue is the ability of Americans to band together to make things happen and how the state is superseding this ability at every chance. Whether it is a corporation to make money; or to build a hospital or raise money for good causes, which is one of our great virtues, Americans come together like nowhere else in the world to make things happen. This is one of the reasons we are called the Land of Opportunity.

Alexis de Toqueville wrote in 1835:

“Americans of all ages, all conditions, all minds constantly unite. Not only do they have commercial and industrial associations in which all take part, but they also have a thousand other kinds: religious, moral, grave, futile, very general and very particular, immense and very small; Americans use associations to give fêtes, to found seminaries, to build inns, to raise churches, to distribute books, to send missionaries to the antipodes; in this manner they create hospitals, prisons, schools. Finally, if it is a question of bringing to light a truth or developing a sentiment with the support of a great example, they associate. Everywhere that, at the head of a new undertaking, you see the government in France and a great lord in England, count on it that you will perceive an association in the United States.”

It was one of the fundamental differences between the statist monarchies of France and England and the new republic all the back to our Revolution. And Barack Obama and his allies are doing their best to subvert one of our most glorious achievements.

In his Inaugural Address last week, the President, emphasized time and again not the role of the individual, but that of the state in dictating public life. This idea is foreign to our very nature. The freedoms and responsibilities delegated to government, the people, and its secular institutions in the Constitution are being redefined by the Administration and its supporters.

And that is the tragedy of the young person my wife spoke of. The American Way is to band together as individuals and do things. The Obama Way is for the state to dictate the outcome and the means to that outcome. In the past this was the way of monarchs, sultans, dictators, and communists. Statism is an outcome concentrating power in the hands of the few.

Under the American Way, this kid may have a chance to get the treatment he or she needs. People will work hard and long hours for nothing except the knowledge they did the right thing.

Under an Obama, statist system, the bureaucracy will decide who gets treatment and how it is administered. The shocks of Obamacare are already being felt as insurance rates rise and treatment options are circumscribed. Ask anyone in the military covered under Tricare. He’s already tried to sell them out.

The voices of the Left are ready to abandon the obese, the smokers, and other “fringe”” dwellers who do not conduct themselves in the politically correct manner. Do you really think that government would authorize millions of dollars in care per patient for a miniscule minority?

Under an Obama, statist system bureaucrats decide how big your soft drink is and which cooking oil you use and the school lunches your kids eat. Under an Obama, statist, system, bureaucrats decide how you use your land, how much money you can make, and on a myriad of other vanishing freedoms.

Under and Obama, statist system, government reverts to the failed models of the past. The romance with socialism and Marxism or simply enhanced state involvement has been proven wrong in virtually every case in which it has been tried. Western Europe is under crushing debt while the East has only recently seen an economic renaissance after the failure of the Marxist socialist experiment. Russia itself is a mess of a dictatorship. China is authoritarian and still cannot provide for most of its population. And these are the models that Obama’s teachers and advisers ascribe to. Government knows best.

The president was absolutely clear in his speech. He outlined his vision of our future. he has a sycophantic media establishment and an intellectually lazy and corrupt political class. He has an agenda. An agenda that is at odds with the American Way.

Was he taking his meds?

Depakote. Zyprexa. Risperadol, Abilify, Haldol, risperidone, olanzapine and an alphabet soup of other names of various drugs are used in the treatment of schizophrenia. There are others for ADD (Ritalin, Adderall), ADHD, etc, etc. Many times, there are multiple diagnoses and psychiatrists work with combinations of drugs in order to stabilize their patients. the bottom line is that psychiatric treatment in this country is primarily prescribed today.

David Kupelian hints at the lack of coverage of the Newtown shooter’s mental health profile. The media reports that the shooter had clinically defined mental health issues but stopped their investigations to chase after gun control. And yet it is the shooter’s mental state that is the crux of the matter. Guns are inanimate objects, and yet banning firearms is the easy solution.

Our prison system is filled with inmates with psychiatric issues. Studies report that 20% of inmates nationally have been clinically diagnosed. Many of the denizens of skid rows around the country have similar issues. Medication; mismedication, refusal of medication, and misdiagnosis are all a part of the puzzle that makes up our mental health wasteland today.

Here in California, a homeless man named Kelly Thomas; delusional and paranoid/schizophrenic was beaten to death by Fullerton police poorly trained in dealing with 5150 cases.  5150 is the section of the California Welfare & Institutions Code that allows a 72 hour psychiatric hold for patients who may be a harm to themselves or others. Mr. Thomas was held several times on this basis before his brutal death.

The Newtown shooter; Adam Lanza, had a history of mental illness. So far though, this has been undisclosed. Instead, the Left is going for the guns. It’s what they think is an easy play with sentiments in an uproar. They would rather abrogate the Constitution than deal with the real issues.

Rather than addressing root causes not just of this shooting but of crimes by and against the mentally ill nationally, the issue has become another tool for politicization. As Rahm Emmanuel famously said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Mental health care in this country is in crisis. We have a subculture of addiction; to pot; to prescription drugs; to heroin; to alcohol. Many bipolar individuals become addicted to routines including exercise and sex. We don’t deal with it. We prescribe medications to shut them up.

The consequences are upon us. From Jared Loughner in Tucson to Aurora, Colorado, to Newtown we have created a perfect storm of fantasy violence and enablement and psychiatric malpractice and institutional indifference. It is cheaper to gun down mad dogs than deal with the real issues. We don’t want to deal with the causes; only the symptoms. That is the politician’s way of dealing with crises.

Firewall – thoughts on how to reduce gun violence


The nation is still reeling from the Newtown, CT school massacre. Many of the funerals were held last week, and the national dialogue has become “he said – she said”. There is intransigence and wishful thinking and a tremendous lack on knowledge of the facts.

But there are some ideas that might help reduce some of the gun violence, and I would like to propose one.

The demographic of the majority of not only mass school shooters but many other murderers is well-known. It is similar to the demographic of terrorists, which we also ignore. In this case it is young men aged 17 – 26. That is an arbitrary range, but let the lawmakers come up with better.

This is the age range when mental illness often sets in and when the hormones are most active. It is the age of the man-child, especially in a culture that functionally delays the age of majority.

We recruit much of our military from the high schools and these recruits are then rigorously tested by a battery of psychological and other tests to determine aptitudes, skills, and suitability for various positions. The military is able to weed out those who cannot perform or are otherwise unsuitable.

But we do almost no psychological testing on the civilian side unless certain limits are exceeded, whether at home or in society. Our culture is drenched in an imaginary culture of blood that sometimes becomes all too real. The mythology of firearms is a powerful subliminal aphrodisiac. Power = manhood.

From video games to movies to street culture, violence is glorified and there are fewer and fewer social filters. Doing the dozens escalates on the streets of the inner cities and gang violence is a scourge.  Making ones bones or proving ones manhood or sometimes a twisted spasmodic urge to get even with the world results in death time and again. The narcotics trade is a prime contributor. And much of this revolves around young men 17- 26.

This is the time when gun usage should be controlled. This is where we need a Firewall. If we can limit access between these ages, crime will drop, and we will be able to limit the damage done by all shootings. The statistics support this argument unequivocally. There are outliers such as the Ft. Hood shooter and the Oslo shooter, but the worst of these murders have been committed by people sometimes not old enough to buy a beer legally.

There are exceptions to every rule and the vast majority of firearms users under the age of 26 are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But here too a sensible policy can help keep firearms out of the hands of madmen and criminals. Exemptions for serving military, shooters in supervised programs, and other classes of gun users can help sustain our Second Amendment rights.

And with this most of all must come an improved mental health system which can help identify and perhaps treat those most at risk. Thomas Szasz challenged the moral and scientific bases of psychiatry, but replaced this structure with nothing. The mentally ill are all around us and yet there seem to be no answers under modern treatment guidelines. Forced confinement and medication are applied only to the most severe cases and yet we are faced with Columbine and Newtown.

Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (formerly called manic depression) and other mood disorders are treatable, but the patient must comply with the treatment protocol. How can this be done within our human rights? Again, I will leave that to the experts.

Pure evil does exist, but it is often shrouded in misinformation, ignorance, and politics. The massacre of 20 children and their teachers certainly falls within the definition.

But as human beings we are given the tools and intelligence to resist. The humanists deride faith and yet compassion, empathy, and sacrifice are all essential to a solution.These are found in much greater degrees within faith-based solutions and there is a verifiable record of success.

For we have seen an acceleration in mindless violence with the loss of faith. Science and the law will not solve this terrible issue alone. We cannot wish the problem away with gun free zones and firearms restrictions. These are humble suggestions humbly offered, but perhaps they can help inform the discussion.

Is That All There Is? Our existential crisis

Several hundred feet above me I can hear the clatter of the news helicopters flying mindlessly above the scene of an incident that was over 2 hours ago where some guy who lost his job shot a pistol into the air in the local Macy’s parking lot. The mall was locked down and the people evacuated. The helicopters are mindless recorders of nothing.

And on Facebook and Twitter the flame wars on firearms are in full engagement after the horrors in Newton, CT yesterday. Leftists from across the Blue Spectrum are calling for gun control, and yet the response from the Right is muted for the most part. They are still mourning the dead, for that is right and proper.

Accusations against the NRA and gun owners are flying fast & furious, and yet no one really has the facts, and the elephant in the living room has been ignored.

Pure evil does exist. We see it around us all the time ,it seems lately.  We are seing more pure evil every day. We are horrified by the murder of 20 children and their teachers, and yet there is no horror at the daily death toll in “gun free” Chicago. It is acceptable according to the rules of the game the way it is played today.

Back in the early 1970’s, Peggy Lee recorded a hit song titled “Is that all there is?”. It was the ultimate existential ballad. “If that’s all there is my friend, let’s keep on dancing. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.”

Existentialism has poisoned our society. From Nietzsche to Sartre to Camus the belief systems that have sustained humanity for thousands of years have been eroded to nothing. “Science” has been raised to the new godhead and yet the more we know, the more we realize that we don’t know.

The old belief systems have been undermined as well as a program of destruction of the moral system we live in. The philosophies of Derrida and Foucault deal in relativism and equivalency with nothing behind the curtain except the destruction of belief. The deep cynicism of humor today no longer reflects the conflicts within our relationships with the world but rather the desire to tear it all down.

The churches lose their parishioners and yet there is nothing with which to replace the belief system of 5,000 years.

And yet, as Dooley Wilson sang 70 years ago, the fundamental truths apply. Those are immutable. Nietzsche has attempted to replace Plato and Aristotle and the Tao with…..nothing. The superman? The Nazi and Soviet ideal which has been utterly disproven?

The bodies and souls of hundreds of millions of human beings and almost 100 years of experience point towards the failure of the existential model and of socialism. Maoism and communism and socialism have been disproven in technicolor and replaced with statism and crony capitalism where there is no morality. The statists today are offering nothing but more of the same damn fool nostrums that were disproven in 1989 and repudiated even by the most hard-core communists.

And yet we wonder why these horrible massacres occur. What the hell did you expect when you threw out morality and systems of morality built upon the critical thinking of 4,000 years?  Anything goes and “I’m OK, You’re OK”  are not valid moral philosophies.

And when one throws out morality, one throws out the entire basis for not only faith, but the law itself. How can one make judgements in a non-judgmental society? It all then becomes relative and subjective.there is no universally defined “good”.

So back to the gun debate. A gun is an inanimate object like a lawn chair or a pair of pliers or a trombone. It is only when it is picked up that it finds a use. It seems that we do not want to question the person who picks up the gun, but rather want to simply ban its presence.

And yet the essential question to all of this is “why?”. If one doesn’t ask that question, there will never be an answer.  The Constitution itself is pellucid on the reasons and purpose of the 2nd Amendment, and when one considers the police state that America is becoming, the justification has also never been more clear. The violations of the Constitution that have been perpetrated by our government are the most serious in our history.

But yet we have tolerated the evil use of those firearms. The debate is a necessary one, but we must examine first principles first.

In China the other day, a man ran amok with a knife injuring 22 people. Do we consider banning knives?

But without a strong moral compass it all means nothing. Nothing at all. And we shall descend even further into darkness.




Walk on By

 A meditation on narcotics in Orange County

There is world here in Southern California that exists under the radar of most people. In a land of wealth and privilege and hope there is a dark underside that we choose to ignore.

It starts in grade schools that fail to meet the needs of their students. Sometimes it is the school’s failing, or the student’s or their families. It can be the latch-key kid or the rich kid with too much time on their hands or the one with troubles fitting in or even some darker, more evil demons. For these demons are very real.

A weak moment. A desire to make the hurt go away. A desire to just get high and not deal with it.

Back when I was running the streets of New York, it was, as Grandmaster Flash said, “fun, baby”. But we learned damned fast that that wasn’t true. If you climb onto the dragon’s back, the dragon always wins. That was thirty years ago and kids are still making the same mistakes and nothing has changed.

When you talk to some of these kids, the story slowly comes out. The reasons for using come out. And what they are using today is far more dangerous than even a generation ago. The drugs are purer and more addictive and more damaging than ever. It seems that every week a kid in Orange County ends up in the morgue from an overdose.

In a time when alcohol is readily available and pot is virtually legal and incredibly powerful, the slide down into madness and death is easy with just a little bit of grease. This is not figurative. It is real as a heart attack.

The price of heroin is at an all-time low and it is easy to find. Just ask any of these kids if you need a hookup. Afghanistan, which supplies 95%+ of the world’s heroin, sees production grow every year. The poppy fields stop at the edges of our firebases. There are rumors that some of the heroin arrives at Camp Pendleton or transits Pendleton because there is less scrutiny. Sort of like the bad old days of the Vietnam War. 100 miles south of here the cartels are bringing it over in truck and boatloads. A Coast Guardsman died last week in a drug bust off of Santa Cruz Island, 100 miles north of here. The War on Drugs has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and is an utter failure.

The shrapnel from the drug trade is all over Orange County and no one pays attention. From the grave of the millionaire kid who “had a car accident” and whose family could have the records altered to a family at Holy Sepulcher grieving a 20 year old kid who OD’d “popping” something way too powerful for them to the kid with the melted synapses at the sheriff’s Theo Lacey facility, it pervades our culture.

Orange County has the highest density of sober living homes in the country. These are the ones who are trying to kick it. With AA meetings and NA meetings and help from their friends they’re doing the best they can. But the temptation can be right there sometimes. A quick hit that no one may notice that may or may not be the hot shot that kills them.

And they fall down and try to get back up again.

And most of us walk on by.

Enabling does no one any favors. Legalizing pot simply indulges stoners for the most part. One of the few growth industries in California in the past several years has been pot clinics. The drug companies legally produce enough oxycontin pills annually to overdose every man, woman, and child in China or more. “Pill Mills” and doctors writing sometimes hundreds of prescriptions for drug dealers and abusers are page 3 or page 4 news.

The fact is that our leaders don’t care or are profiting from our collective addiction. The entire trend of our society has been away from “right conduct”. And yet the people who are trying the hardest to help these souls are faced with indifferent families and indifferent leaders and a moral compass that has been purposely ripped from its moorings.

Funding is nonexistent and rehabilitation has at times been a for-profit industry.

Evil exists, and nowhere more so than in the world of narcotics. In our nonjudgmental world today some might say it is a matter of personal choices. But once that monkey is on their backs, it is no longer a choice. It is a cold hand slowly strangling the life out of them.

And most of us will walk on by.

More on the Liverpool Care Pathway Controversy

Lost in the news about the election yesterday was an article in the Daily Telegraph on the uproar surrounding the Liverpool Care Pathway, or as it is known to some, Crematorium Lane. Over 1,300 doctors, nurses, and caregivers wrote to defend the policy, which is used in almost all UK hospitals today.

Since the inception of the concept in the 1990’s, doctors have been struggling with end of life care. The LCP is a multidisciplinary process of assessing and treating seriously ill patients with little hope of recovery. Solutions include cessation of treatment, withholding of food and water, and even of IV drips.

It is not an evil process in itself, but rather in its application. death comes to us all and death with dignity is a right.

But it has been revealed that many hospitals stand to reap performance bonuses for “Commissioning for Quality and Innovation” (CQUIN), or setting targets for the number of patients who are treated using this regimen.

In 6% of all cases, the families were never informed that their loved one had been placed on the Liverpool Pathway, and in 25% of the hospitals participating doctors and nurses had failed to inform the families in half of all cases. Strange statistics indeed. Consultation with the family is a centerpiece of the Pathway as written. There have been several calls for a parliamentary inquiry.

Statism is a way of life where bureaucracy takes over the simplest and most complex of decision making processes. In an article only the day before, the Telegraph reported on the case before the High Court of accident victims being placed on “do not resuscitate” orders without their families consent. There has been a litany of similar cases in the UK press of late.

In an article only a few weeks ago, family physicians are being asked to identify patients likely to di, which really, is all of us, in order to make the process more efficient. from those guidelines:

“Doctors are told to pick out such patients during routine consultations that show ‘indicators of frailty and deterioration’ and are told that ‘older people are a priority to consider”.

They are also told to use feedback from district nurses or hospital consultants, while patients in care homes should be “actively considered for your register”, the advice states.

So it is up to you. The brother of Rahm Emmanuel, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, has argued eloquently for patient rights and against euthanasia. The Liverpool Care Pathway recognizes that same human dignity, but is failing in its application. When the sorts of abuses and potential abuses reported in the UK press are considered, we must once again reconsider state sponsored medicine.