The Left’s Hypocrisy – Bristol Palin – LA Times edition

Here is the link to an Op/Ed piece by someone at the Los Angeles Times. He seems to forget how his colleagues made a blood sport of Bristol Palin, the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 who chose to have her child rather than abort it. The Left was a pack of wolves tearing at Ms. Palin with the most vile rhetoric.

Ms. Palin dared to speak out against Wendy Davis, the darling of the Left in Texas who is best known for her support for late term abortions and abortionists such as Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is serving a life without parole term for the most heinous and vile death factory perhaps in all of American history.

Now, Ms. Palin chose to comment on Ms. Davis, noting that her life narrative is  fictitious and that Davis’ positions on abortion are diametrically opposed to hers. Those are the same positions held by Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Joseph Biden, John Kerry, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama. To them a woman has a right to an abortion all the way to term.

Only four countries in the world allow this; China, North Korea, Canada, and the United States.  The child has no rights whatsoever and Planned Parenthood has even advocated post partum abortion.  Josef Mengele would be proud.

And so what was the Left’s reaction to Ms. Palin’s comments?

“So, the JUNIOR Monkey Queen can fan her way thru the fat folds on her face to spew out a word ?? Holy Moly… Did her mom help her get all that out of the way ??

Bristol, the dancing bug pile, has absolutely no concept what Mrs. Davis is about. She has NO CONCEPT what Mrs. Davis’s life has been like. Just like NO BODY CARES WHAT SHE OR HER TROGLYDOTE MOM THINK, Bristol’s best move is to fade into the Alaskan/Arizonian background before the fickle figure of the public SMASHES HER FACE INTO A GUTTER. These Palins best learn their place… In the trash heap of bad history where they belong.”

Beast of Burden at 6:18 PM January 29, 2014 The Palins – the family of illegitimate children – complain about other people’s parenting. How rich is this?”

theantipalin at 5:46 PM January 29, 2014 Would anyone with an I.Q. even hovering around room temperature take anything seriously that moronic Bristol Palin would say?  Remember when her mom said that pregnant Bristol and father to be Levi would be married soon?  Also, Sarah apparenty thought it was fine to leave her family to run for Vice-President–wasn’t that putting her ambition ahead of her maternal duties?  The hypocrisy of the right-wing is truly limitless.”

impocerous48 at 5:38 PM January 29, 2014 Well I will step up to defend Bristol!

She is a mindless twit who has about the same intelligence as a mosquito.  You simply cannot expect anything better from her.  There is no better.

You may as well believe that someday her mother, Sarah (remember her?  The woman with the big mouth and empty head?) to say something intelligent.  That aint gonna happen either.”

gopwabakadesu at 4:19 PM January 29, 2014 Bristol Palin – unmarried mother and great role model for America. What a stupid fascist pig.”

twwhla at 2:33 PM January 29, 2014 Bristol Palin is a Carnie who had a child out of wedlock, and according to her Mom, the child is a bastard…..who cares what this white trash has to say.”

laxlopez at 1:18 PM January 29, 2014 At least Wendy Davis had more intelligence to hook up with a man who could provide her a path to a future and economic independence.  What’s Bristol been offered other than hanging on to the apron strings of her mother?  I hope she uses more prudent judgement when selecting the next man in her life because her first go-around with Levi leaves much to be desire.”

And that was just the LA Times. Fuck you LA Times and the horse you rode in on.


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