The Left’s Hypocrisy – Bristol Palin – LA Times edition


Here is the link to an Op/Ed piece by someone at the Los Angeles Times. He seems to forget how his colleagues made a blood sport of Bristol Palin, the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 who chose to have her child rather than abort it. The Left was a pack of wolves tearing at Ms. Palin with the most vile rhetoric.

Ms. Palin dared to speak out against Wendy Davis, the darling of the Left in Texas who is best known for her support for late term abortions and abortionists such as Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is serving a life without parole term for the most heinous and vile death factory perhaps in all of American history.

Now, Ms. Palin chose to comment on Ms. Davis, noting that her life narrative is  fictitious and that Davis’ positions on abortion are diametrically opposed to hers. Those are the same positions held by Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Joseph Biden, John Kerry, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama. To them a woman has a right to an abortion all the way to term.

Only four countries in the world allow this; China, North Korea, Canada, and the United States.  The child has no rights whatsoever and Planned Parenthood has even advocated post partum abortion.  Josef Mengele would be proud.

And so what was the Left’s reaction to Ms. Palin’s comments?

“So, the JUNIOR Monkey Queen can fan her way thru the fat folds on her face to spew out a word ?? Holy Moly… Did her mom help her get all that out of the way ??

Bristol, the dancing bug pile, has absolutely no concept what Mrs. Davis is about. She has NO CONCEPT what Mrs. Davis’s life has been like. Just like NO BODY CARES WHAT SHE OR HER TROGLYDOTE MOM THINK, Bristol’s best move is to fade into the Alaskan/Arizonian background before the fickle figure of the public SMASHES HER FACE INTO A GUTTER. These Palins best learn their place… In the trash heap of bad history where they belong.”

Beast of Burden at 6:18 PM January 29, 2014 The Palins – the family of illegitimate children – complain about other people’s parenting. How rich is this?”

theantipalin at 5:46 PM January 29, 2014 Would anyone with an I.Q. even hovering around room temperature take anything seriously that moronic Bristol Palin would say?  Remember when her mom said that pregnant Bristol and father to be Levi would be married soon?  Also, Sarah apparenty thought it was fine to leave her family to run for Vice-President–wasn’t that putting her ambition ahead of her maternal duties?  The hypocrisy of the right-wing is truly limitless.”

impocerous48 at 5:38 PM January 29, 2014 Well I will step up to defend Bristol!

She is a mindless twit who has about the same intelligence as a mosquito.  You simply cannot expect anything better from her.  There is no better.

You may as well believe that someday her mother, Sarah (remember her?  The woman with the big mouth and empty head?) to say something intelligent.  That aint gonna happen either.”

gopwabakadesu at 4:19 PM January 29, 2014 Bristol Palin – unmarried mother and great role model for America. What a stupid fascist pig.”

twwhla at 2:33 PM January 29, 2014 Bristol Palin is a Carnie who had a child out of wedlock, and according to her Mom, the child is a bastard…..who cares what this white trash has to say.”

laxlopez at 1:18 PM January 29, 2014 At least Wendy Davis had more intelligence to hook up with a man who could provide her a path to a future and economic independence.  What’s Bristol been offered other than hanging on to the apron strings of her mother?  I hope she uses more prudent judgement when selecting the next man in her life because her first go-around with Levi leaves much to be desire.”

And that was just the LA Times. Fuck you LA Times and the horse you rode in on.


Overtaken 2

Last night I spent the evening with a bunch of speed freaks, junkies, pillheads, and other addicts.Or at least they were at one time as many of them will tell you.  And no one was getting high. And the message was one of love and hope. It was the premiere of the movie Overtaken 2, a 28 minute film about how addicts have recovered and are recovering from their addiction.

It is both cautionary and hopeful. There is hope. There is a community of recovery. But that community is fragile, underfunded, and facing some very high hurdles. Recovery isn’t easy but there is a deep well of support and love and acceptance.

One of the subjects of both Overtaken and Overtaken 2 has been arrested over 130 times. She has been clean for several years and has built a loving family. Another was an MD in the Inland Empire who began to partake of his own prescriptions and was ready to end it all in the depths of despair. He has now been clean for over 25 years. Cheerleaders, athletes, just plain normal adults and kids, everyone is susceptible. 20% of our population is at risk of addiction. And in a culture of permissiveness, many become addicted.

Here in Orange County, one of the wealthiest and most beautiful places on earth the problem is hidden behind gated communities and the tinted windows of expensive cars and denial. One to two young people die here every week of overdoses. One drug court commissioner works on over 80 cases of juvenile and young adult drug arrests per day. There are both adult and juvenile drug courts at five different Orange County Justice Centers. These numbers don’t include the criminal court system. The people in Drug Court are the lucky ones.

The introduction to drugs in Southern California’s suburbs starts as early as 5th Grade, it seems. Pot is around for those who want it, and the subjects of Overtaken 2 are clear that this is where it started for them. Marijuana may not lead to hard drug usage in many, but in some it is the first step off a very high cliff.

The film is direct. It uses the voices of its subjects, all of them empathetic characters, to show that there is recovery and there is hope if one is willing to accept change and get back on the horse when they fall off. The film doesn’t preach. It doesn’t have to. The stories are powerful enough. And underneath is the message of faith and love and acceptance. In oneself, in ones friends, and in sobriety instead of addiction, and in speaking with so many of them afterwards, in God.

These are our children, our brothers and sisters, our friends. Addiction is a terrible thing. It is the monster that takes over the soul. It is a beast that takes control and does evil things as any of these people will tell you. But it is separate from the individual and it is the soul of that individual that can and does survive as is so well depicted.

The production values are excellent despite a shoestring budget as are the sound and editing. Overtaken 2 is an excellent extension of the message of its predecessor and should be valued even more for its message of hope and love.

Overtaken is mandatory viewing in drug courts in 18 states. Overtaken 2 should be as well.

Bridgegate versus Benghazi – A Story of a Press Corps worthy of Pravda


The truth is, Pravda is more honest today, but I am referring to the Pravda of the bad old days of the Soviet Union, when it was the laughingstock of the country.

The media had created a maelstrom with the Bridgegate scandal. Editorial writers are weighing in all over the country on the fate of Governor Christie. And yet compared to the real scandals of the nation this sensationalism is an anthill. Our press is doing the equivalent of what Pravda and Izvestia did to Stalin’s enemies when he liquidated them.

Just this morning, the State Department confirmed that Sufian bin Qumu, a former Guantanamo detainee, was one of the planners’ of the attack in Benghazi and that Al Q’aeda was behind it. The president of Libya told us this on December 13, 2012 and the New York Times said so on the 11th based upon US government sources. On September 26th, 2012 The Daily Beast outlined the case emphatically.

So we have a Gitmo detainee who should obviously not have been released and confirmation of what the press initially published. We have a President who knowingly lied. We have a SecState who knowingly lied. We have a UN ambassador who is now the National Security Advisor who knowingly lied.

All of them blamed an obscure video. Hillary even filmed an apology to the Pakistani people for the video that was aired in the country, God knows why.

4 Americans died in a premeditated attack by terrorists.

Robert Gates account, it was “low level” White House staffers who were trying to give the orders to the military, which never came. Remember, the President claimed that he went up to the White House personal quarters at 5:30 after speaking with Panetta  and did not come down until the next morning. In the middle of a crisis. The victims of Benghazi fought for hours afterwards and help never came. The US Ambassador’s body was dragged through the streets.

Hillary then stood before Congress and shouted ” The fact is; we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” This was over one year after the attack when the facts had established without a doubt. Crickets.

The White House is still hiding witnesses and punishing those who testified before Congress. The FBI case, which was announced shortly after the attack was a farce.

All of these facts have been established. The trail of crumbs is clear. There has been great malfeasance at the very top of our government. But somehow, it’s all about a 4 day lane closure 24/7. 20 to 30 times the coverage of Benghazi and growing by the day.

Our press and media being in the tank has reached a new low. Joe Stalin would be proud.