The Administration of Diminished Expectations

When Barack Obama was elected he campaigned on the message of hope. Today we live in an era of hopelessness for the first time in our country’s history. Unemployment and underemployment are at all time highs. Many have simply left the work force.

Our national reputation is in tatters. Our energy policy is insane. Our national debt is twice what it was just 6 years ago and now our Senate leaders want to remove any cap or control of  it. We are on the path of fiscal insanity. Our Treasury issues debt and the Fed buys it and the primary reason that the economy has recovered to the minimal extent that is the unceasing pumping of more and more debased money into the global financial system. The markets expectations of a cessation of QE is global disaster.

Our education system continues its accelerated deterioration. Race relations are at their lowest level since the early 1960’s.

And all the while, our President and his Administration have sought to avoid blame and manage expectations lower and lower and lower. This is the same Administration that has accrued more power to itself than any since Nixon’s Imperial Presidency. In fact, the new push to eliminate the debt ceiling would disembowel Congress’ power of the purse strings and with that what little power Congress seems to have retained.

He has left the global economic field to the Chinese, who are exercising soft power around the globe, and to the Russians, who have taken great joy in opposing our government in every way possible and rubbing our noses in it.

On the environment he has allowed the EPA to arrogate ever more power in its Luddite policies against conventional energy. The price of gasoline has doubled from the $1.80/gallon level to $4.00/gallon and this suits our president just fine. he has obstructed coal and oil and nuclear power and even natural gas, the cleanest option.

The president’s primary contribution seems to be leading from behind. Whether it is his Shakespearean inner conflicts on the Surge in Afghanistan or his verbal gymnastics on Syria or his lies and silence on Benghazi and the IRS scandal and the NSA scandal.

The “most transparent” administration in history is the most opaque. And as the president arrogates power, he has also instituted internal witch hunts and assaults on the press which resemble Stalinist Russia more that the world’s leading democracy.

His signature health care policy is being shown to be a disaster every day it continues. Access to care will be diminished at ever higher costs.

And yet the president seems to wear a Teflon cloak and goes unchallenged. We are at a schwerpunkt, as the Germans call it; a crisis, and the president is sitting utterly idle within the White House with nothing at all on his schedule. Don’t you consider this tolerable strange?

The propaganda machine blames the Tea Party as if it was a mass movement of Luddite nihilists and yet when facing one of our greatest crises there is little balance, or even proper analysis of the root causes of the problems at hand. Such is a world of diminished expectations.

Promise them little and then underdeliver is the order of the day.


2 thoughts on “The Administration of Diminished Expectations

  1. As usual, you are accurate in your assessment of where we are at in our nation. We are definitely a much different and less well off country than we were when Obama became President. As he has accumulated power, we as citizens have had our freedoms lessened, and the press, the vehicle through which his foibles and anti-American perspectives could be exposed, are complicit in the disaster that he is creating. He has taken the worst policies and qualities of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Jimmy Carter, expanded upon them, and is morally, socially, fiscally and politically pushing the nation downhill at a pace that exceeds even the most pessimistic expectations of those of us who feared what his election might precipitate.

    It is going to take a miracle to turn things around, but I believe that those of us who see that this emperor who has no clothes is destroying the country that we grew up loving and admiring must commit themselves to finding, supporting and actively working for candidates who truly believe in having a government of, by and for the people, and responsible to them, not one where the few who govern decide how people should live their lives.

  2. A fascinating thing about all of this is, the majority of Americans don’t seem to care. I’m amazed at the flippant attitude of young people who laughingly state, “I’m almost a socialist!” No, dear, you are almost a COMMUNIST. A socialist would still have the opportunity to speak his mind. We have lost that opportunity. If it were up to me, I’d sell everything, buy gold, and retire to a tiny little hamlet in the middle of the desert. sigh.

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