Wagging the Dog – Obama Style

Ever since he got back from vacation, the President has created a global crisis with his plan to punish Syria for the use of chemical weapons. The Europeans are alarmed. The Russians have threatened to intervene. The Iranians are threatening retaliation. And Congress is up in arms in one of the most confusing and incomprehensible tempests in a teapot in many years.The credibility and integrity of the united States is said to be on the line.

Don’t get me wrong. The consequences could be dire. Escalation. World War. Spiking oil prices and financial confusion. But the root of it all is a threat by the President to launch a very limited strike or series of strikes to punish the Assad regime for the tactical use of chemical weapons.Weapons the Assad has used time and again. But this time, according to our president, it’s different.

And in the meantime the most scandal ridden administration in the past 40 years is getting a free ride. Everything else has been driven from the front pages except the football scores. And Benghazi, coming up on its first anniversary with the key questions still unanswered.

The IRS scandal has been driven to the sidelines. And the AP/ Fox news scandal, where the Department of Justice was secretly wiretapping reporters e-mail, has also fallen off the radar.

The Administration feels that it has carte blanche to do whatever they please whether it is to blatantly lie to the people or use the tools of government against its opposition or to conduct witch hunts violating the First Amendment. They feel that they are above the law.

Now the president is trying to deflect blame for his failed policies in Egypt, Afghanistan and elsewhere onto Congress, our allies and anyone else he can find so that he can escape responsibility for his disastrous actions. He has put the prestige of our country on the line in a no-win game.

The sycophant press has lined up behind him and his own partisans are twisting into pretzels in their attempts to rationalize his bizarre gambit.

We are witnessing a man who will put the best interests of his nation behind his own statist agenda, but we should not be surprised after the last 5 years. Every step of the way his policies have accrued ever more increasing power to the state as he rewards his cronies and punishes his enemies.

He seems destined to fail in his Syria gambit, but we must hold him accountable for all of his major transgressions. it will take years to undo the damage that he has done both internationally and domestically.

In 2008 he promised change. We have seen how disastrous that promise has become.


1 thought on “Wagging the Dog – Obama Style

  1. Matt,

    The only fault that I can find with what you have said is that you are too gentle in expressing what a disaster this compulsive liar has been for our nation. When Clinton lied, it was to save his behind, but I do not believe that he intended to harm the nation, he was just too self-centered and selfish to recognize the damage that he did to the office. With Obama, I have deeply come to believe that he despises the country in which he grew up, and has done his best to change it in line with his perverse perspective of what is right and just.

    He in not only a megalomaniac, but is also an addicted Alinskyite for whom the truth holds no value. Those who dismiss him as ineffective are playing right into his game. He may be making all of the wrong decisions from our perspective, but he has certainly achieved a realignment in our country that was unimaginable to most observers when he was first running for office. Anyone familiar with his past associations and statements knew what to expect. Unfortunately, most people were shielded from the truth by a compliant press and an effectively deceptive campaign. rendering them unaware of the real Obama. What is truly amazing is that he could get away with it again in 2012.

    Obama never admits to making a mistake because he can get away with blaming others. Voters, however do not seem to be able to admit their mistake because they still are drinking the Kool-Ade. He has also mastered the art of deflecting attention from potentially damaging “scandals” by changing the subject, often by means of making false assertions that he knows the press will not refute. He has done this in campaigns and in his role as our chief executive.

    Let us hope that the Congress will be wise enough to reject approval of his plans for attacking Syria. I do not know if it will make any difference in his decision making process, but at least they will have shown the guts to stand up to him. If he does proceed with his use of our military resources to act against Syria, we could be looking at the start of WWIII. With buffons like Biden and Kerry at his side, he might just be drawing us into a situation that is beyond tragic.


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