Fifty Shades of Blue – New York City Politics

Way, way back in the day X Rated films were called blue movies. Then came Red State, Blue State. Now we have the ultimate result of these trends merging in New York City’s psychosexual political circus. The city is headed from Nanny Bloomberg to the Penthouse letters column in record time.

Anthony “look at my” Weiner is running for Mayor and the puns are are fast and furious while disgraced former state governor Eliot Spitzer has swallowed what pride he has left to run for City Comptroller. Like a moth or a sex addict, he doesn’t seem to be able to steer away from the light. The delicious irony is that the former madam, Kristen Davis who procured women for Spitzer is running against him on the Libertarian ticket. No, I am not making this up.

New York, with the exception of perhaps San Francisco, is America’s most liberal and most libertine town. If you can “make it” there you’ll make it anywhere, as the song goes. They don’t ride down the streets on floats in “G” strings as in Frisco, but despite Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts, the sexual smorgasbord is as diverse as ancient Rome’s. Money equals power and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

New York is less flamboyant these days only because the middle class has been driven out of the city and it is now Upstairs, Downstairs. It’s hard to be on the fun fringe when the fringe was the first thing the city government targeted.

But now it’s in the headlines. For the next few months Mr. Weiner is going to get more exposure (in more ways than he expected) than ever before, while I am sure the city is waiting with bated breath for the first Spitzer – Davis debates. As the kids would say, “Awk-ward!!!”


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