The Real Problem

Jared Loughner – Tucson, Arizona                          24 Years Old                  Mentally Illjared-lee-loughner_1

James Holmes – Aurora, CO                                25 Years Old                        Mentally Illjames-holmes-red

Sung Hui Cho – Virginia Tech, VA                          23 years Old                      Mentally Ill

sung Hui Cho

Adam Lanza – Newtown, CT                                20 years Old                         Mentally IllAdam Lanza

John Zawahri – Santa Monica, CA                         23 Years Old                      Mentally IllJohn Zawarhi


There have been repeated efforts to enact firearms bans in an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment rights of ordinary citizens. There has been nothing done to address mental illness in this country, specifically that which affects so many young men.


2 thoughts on “The Real Problem

  1. Are you implying that the same people who want to take away our 2nd amendment rights, want to stop gun violence? Because frankly, I think they don’t give a rat’s ass about gun violence. At least, as far as it pertains to citizen vs. citizen. Their real concern is citizen vs. government. But they have other ways of disarming the populace; they have every intention of disarming the populace; and they are systematically implementing their disarmament plan step-by-step. Zero tolerance for pop tarts, zero tolerance for verbiage (the word “gun” gets you expelled from school), zero tolerance for heroically intervening and saving a fellow student from getting shot, zero tolerance for talking about the hunting trip you went on over the weekend… action control begets speech control begets thought control. I expect that you and I will eventually meet… in the “re-education camp”. If we survive.

  2. If they really got serious about mental illness, it might affect all of those who voted for Obama and the others who disregard the Constitution and true liberty. I have come to believe that Liberalism or Progressivism is a mental illness.


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