“Who the Hell do you think you are?” – America’s proper response to Washington

Washington is mired in scandal and yet the response has been muted. People may be troubled in many cases but they are not yet angry. The IRS has become a tool of political intimidation as has the FBI, and there are many in this country still saying “what scandal?”.

This kind of intimidation has never been practiced on the national level. No President or Administration has ever stepped this far over the line in its efforts to intimidate the opposition using the instrument of the state or to lie so blatantly to us.

This happens in Russia and in China and the Ukraine and other countries but it doesn’t happen here. Until now.

Free speech and the freedom of association are guaranteed by the Constitution for a reason. Consequences are delivered at the ballot box but are not supposed to extend to your tax returns and who you speak with or to intimidating the press into not doing its job.

That these things have been done with the greatest of hypocrisy should be elevate them to high crimes.

The Administration already owns a good portion of the press. They’re fellow travelers. If you read major papers such as the L.A. Times you wouldn’t know there were scandals affecting our very freedoms occurring. “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

And yet every American should be concerned or alarmed or angry. Because it cuts both ways. One day the other side will be in office and the rules are being reestablished for what is and is not allowed.

Every man who has sat in the Oval Office has respected the rights of the People. They have been moral men who honestly disagreed about policy. Many have had their failings, but none of them turned to thuggery and criminality. The one president who broke the law was forced out of office as he should have been.

There is a culture of corruption in Washington from the top down that envelops both parties and all who work there. Washington has become the richest metropolis in the nation but it produces nothing except laws and regulations. Cronyism and washing the other hand are the order of the day from Solyndra to KBR to General Electric to whole industries buying and selling legislation.

As the parties pit us against one another the real problem is clear. There is contempt for the rule of law and for justice and common sense in Washington. It is all about power and holding onto it, legally or illegally.

We know who the crooks are. IRS officials smirking at Congressional committees; a Department of Justice run amok and trampling on our liberties; A Department of Homeland Security that does not secure our borders and spies on us and considers decent Americans as suspects. An Administration that has made the lowest form of  gutter politics the standard. A Congress that can’t resist graft every time a bill is brought to the floor.

Howard Beale

The phrase “Who the Hell do you think you are?” is a primal scream of the wrongness of something. Who the hell do these people think they are?

And why aren’t more people asking that question?


1 thought on ““Who the Hell do you think you are?” – America’s proper response to Washington

  1. Why indeed? My own friends are sick to death of me bitching about Obama, corruption, liars, cheaters, thieves and whores. They want to show me what they had for breakfast, or tell me how happy they are in the light of the Lord. Hell’s bells; I’m happy in the light of the Lord too; but I’m also madder than hell at Darth Barack and his Stormtroopers. And yet here we all sit, in our own house, wishing someone else would take the lead. We are screwed, because we are too stupid or lazy to organize and REVOLT against this tyranny. My suggestion is to start amassing stores of toilet paper, toothpaste, perfume, scotch, vodka, small gold and silver pieces, non-hybrid seeds, water; and prepare for the worst. Because we are just too stupid to save ourselves.

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