Dear Mr. President, please stop BS’ing us on AGW

Yahoo today ran photos from across Europe this morning of the effects of early Spring snow. Britain, France, Germany and much of the rest of Europe have been faced with some of the most snow and cold since the 1960’s. I was a miserable winter and at Easter, still a miserable early Spring.

Today’s Telegraph estimates that 30,000 people will have died this winter season from weather related conditions. Earlier this year, a group of Norwegian students made a video mocking both the celebrity driven cause industry and global warming. Radi – Aid, sending radiators to Norway, can be seen here.

This week’s Economist gives another data point. Apparently, the models predicted by AGW advocates such as James Hanson, the NASA propagandist, for global warming are not working out the way they thought they would. Surface temperatures across the planet are at the low-end of the predictions and there hasn’t been any actual, you know, global warming in 10 years according to the numbers. What is emerging is that the climate change advocates really don’t know. Climatology is hard, you see. The weather in most places changes every day.

And those anthropomorphic polar bears the AGW crowd are using as poster bears for climate change? Well, there are a hell of a lot more of them on the planet than there were 25 years ago according to every single study written. It seems that our government has been trying to cover this up as well. ‘When the facts don’t fit the narrative change the facts” is government policy.

We have gone from Global Warming to Climate Change to WTF.

Yes, climates on the planet are changing. Why and how? We do not know. Climatology is a new science. It used to be called meteorology and we didn’t have a lot of faith in the TV weathermen in predicting tomorrow’s weather back in the ancient times oh 20 years ago or so.

Now we have experts with a kernel of data extrapolating some amazing consequences 50 or 100 years down the line. The data does not meet the bullshit test.

But this is what Al Gore and our President believe as gospel, and therein lies the rub. The president has authorized hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars in green energy projects that have failed or for which there is no real financial expectation of a reasonable return on investment, either ecologically or financially.

At the same time, the Administration has done its best to exterminate the coal industry, interfere with oil and gasoline prices, stymie nuclear power, and oppose natural gas. This is all part of their strategy. It is no accident. It is the stated goal of the green energy industry to work with government to raise the price of conventional energy to a point where green energy is competitive. Cheap energy is the enemy.

Bjorn Lomborg, the original skeptical environmentalist, wrote in the Wall Street Journal recently that the actual cost of green energy is much higher. The models used by corporations and government do not accurately reflect the energy, materials, and labor input in manufacturing green energy technology, which already relies far too much on government subsidies. I keep on thinking of all of those poor Germans in their worst winter in ages and their commitment to solar power. I wonder what the output of a solar array is in a snowstorm or the fog?

Solar power survives on voodoo economics. They don’t discuss the failure rates of modules or inverters or other components or the fact that dirt will drop the efficiency of a module array by 30-50%. All of the models reflect and unicorn and rainbow logic.

Just this morning, the EPA announced a new set of rules reducing sulphur and its emissions that would raise the price of a gallon of gasoline by a minimum of $0.09/gallon at a time of already record energy prices.The United States consumes 368 million gallons of gasoline per day, so this new tax will cost us $33 Million/day or $12 Billion/year. And who pays? Everybody. Who does it hurt the most? The middle class and poor.

The heavy thumb of government is already being felt in CAFE standards driving the standards for MPG up to a level that will kill the current automobile industry. And by the way, you and I have no voice in the discussion. It is a diktat by bureaucratic fiat. Stroke of the pen, law of the land government.

And the guy at the top of the pyramid is driving this bus. It is one of his core beliefs. The President is willing to use all of these tools because he feels that the United States uses too many of the world’s resources. How he came to that conclusion I am not sure, but it probably has to do with his elitist leftist education and the echo chamber he lives in. Facts, to them, are an inconvenient truth. It is about control.

So as the central tenets of anthropogenic global warming become shakier and the economics of green energy are seen to be a lie what happens? The record of this president indicates that he will double down. It is crucial to his political agenda to be right in all things.He is still in campaign mode. And if one of his core beliefs is challenged he is inflexible. This much we do know after four years.

But facts are pernicious. He has created an edifice based upon inaccurate information, and his policies must be challenged. BS should not be government policy.


9 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President, please stop BS’ing us on AGW

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  2. If you took all the oil that has been extracted in the past 140 years, it would be 1100 billion barrels of oil. This amount of oil is equal to 42 cubic miles of volume. If spread out evenly over the entire surface of the Earth, it would only amount to 14 thousandths of an inch (0.014 inch). This is less thickness that 4 sheets of copier paper. You could burn the entire 140 years worth of oil in 5 minutes, and not be able to tell the difference an hour later.

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  4. WTF? Climatology used to be called meteorology? This is like saying that insurance actuaries used to be called emergency medical technicians. Totally different. The big difference is the integration period, or, if you prefer, time scale. Weather occurs over minutes, days, or weeks. Climate occurs over decades, centuries, or millennia. That makes quite a difference.

    The religion of Global Warming is indeed a crock, but not because of some ephemeral weather.

    • Climatology is a very new science that used to fall under meteorology. It is the analysis of meteorological and other data to analyze climate. In this case it is a rhetorical device.

  5. They’re tellin’ me the world is warmin’ up
    And my minivan’s part of the cause
    And the science is settled so it’s time for big change
    To our economy and our laws

    Well if the science is settled then tell me why their
    Computer models can’t agree
    And why the world’s cooled down for the past several years
    While they’re hidin’ their data from me

    Despite their erudition
    And academic pedigree
    The Best and the Brightest look instead
    Like a box of dim bulbs to me

    They’d put us in the soup lines over
    Parts-per-billion probabilities
    The Best and the Brightest look instead
    Like a box of dim bulbs to me …
    … Like a box of dim bulbs to me

    (Hear it … )

  6. During the 2008 campaign, then Senator Barack Obama made a speech in which he stated that the 1908 Ford Model T and the 2008 Ford Expedition both got 8 miles to the gallon. From this he surmised that this was evidence that in a 100 year period of time the automakers had made no attepmt to make cars more fuel efficient and it was up to the government to save Detroit from itself.

    It is my guess that he had read a factoid in the paper which confirmed his beleif system and was using that factoid to justify his agenda.

    Whenever I see the President talking about science, I am reminded of a close associate to Stalin in the 1930s who had some strange ideas about science. His influence in the Soviet government derailed science and engineering in the Soviet Union for about 20 years.

    Today, in the President, I see a man who has no educational or real world experience in physics, chemistry. medicine, economics, world history, United States history, military history, political history, geography, basic home economics and the only subnject in which he has shown any interest in writing about is himself.

    He has shown a reluctance to engage in governance and spends his time making campaign style speeches and promises. He is still blaming others for the problems of the world while claiming that he is powerless to make changes to the current situation. Any other person would have been labeled as an incompetent – by his own admission – and would be the subject of scorn and ridicule.

    I would love to see a political message – “Barack is right – he IS incompetent.” spread around the country. If enough people are laughing at him, the rest of the Democratic party will have to abandon him to save themselves.

    It is clear that the world no longer fears or even respects the United States. World leaders do not listen to him or make any effort to support his position. The general population of nations that have been historically allied with the U. S. have little or no respect for Obama.

    Barack Obama is living in a bubble that is keeping the real world away from him. Not the b ubble created by the Presidency, but a bubble he created for himself long before he ran for the Presidency. No matter what happens, it is never his fault.

    • You are correct. Obama is a one trick pony. He is ignorant and lazy. He is a coward, which partially explains his inability or unwillingness to act.

      He is a puppet, but his masters remain well protected.They pose the real and continuing danger. After all, Obama alone is quite incapable of developing and executing the strategy that is destroying our republic.

      We need to focus on the totality of our danger and those conquering us. Until the majority of the the voting public throughout the nation fully realize the nature and scope of our jeopardy, it will be most difficult to neutralize our enemy within and then regain control of our destiny.

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