Merts! The new men’s fashion fad!

mert - version 1

The men’s skirt, or Mert, is all the rage in fashion whether in a highland tartan or metallic minis with high heeled fringed jackboots. It recognizes men in touch with their feminine side; perhaps too much so. After the stunning reception on the London runways this week Merts will be seen in heavy evidence on the reviewing stand for the Inauguration. The President has issued an Executive Order for a full dress military version for senior officers, and all male Supreme Court Justices will also be re-equipped with a version 2″ below the knee to protect their dignity. Whether it is the runways of London or the streets of LA, Merts are where it’s at for fashion forward men.kanye west - mertUp on stage, Kanye West has men and women wondering whassup under his kilt as he tops it off with a funky Versace waistcoat. In Los Angeles those wicked spanking patrols at the Burning Man decom were spotted looking for a few good tushes. Fringed or traditional Tartan or leather,  the Mert is where it’s at in 2013. Fashion is definitely Forward.

1591744041_e3d1d9a1be_zmert - version 2



2 thoughts on “Merts! The new men’s fashion fad!

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  2. The only thing I can think to say about the Mert that isn’t a cuss word is… well, actually, I can’t think of a thing to say. On Rodeo Drive, one lovely spring day, I saw a man dressed in a business suit with shirt and tie, shiny leather shoes, and… shorts. The shorts were tailored for the suit. It was the poo.

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