The short and sweet ballad of Al Gore


There was an Emir from Oman
Who had a nefarious plan
He’d buy up a station
in a very large nation
and make Gore a very rich man.

That Al sold the turd to a Sheikh
Was considered completely unique
After carbon tax credits and fraudulent edits
Even Begly thought Gore was a freak.

So Al flew on to the Great Green Northwest
Where in his hotel he undressed
But the masseuse wasn’t buying and ended up crying that Al was just there to molest.

So the gist of the story is clear
Mr. Gore is just not sincere.
When he tells us one thing and he does something else we know that his actions are queer.


2 thoughts on “The short and sweet ballad of Al Gore

  1. Very clever…………………and I can’t stand him.  Nothing like bashing big oil for years to promote green energy, and then take 100 million from the big oil sheiks!

  2. Love your poetry, Matt! As for Al, the best thing that ever happened to Al Gore was that he lost the election in 2000. He has material wealth beyond his wildest dreams. And like most good progressives, he is morally bankrupt.

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