We now know where the buck doesn’t stop

We found out yesterday that “systemic failures” were responsible for the death of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens on September 11 of this year. Somehow “systemic failures” pulled the trigger. Somehow “systemic failures” were responsible for complete inaction to save the lives of the ambassador and three security team members in a battle that lasted for over 5 hours.

It seems that “systemic failures” were responsible for Ambassador Rice lying about the incident 5 days after it occurred and Hillary Clinton going on Pakistani television to apologize for an obscure video and for the president prevaricating all the way into October on the true causes the terrorist attack. For this is all the report really tells us.

Hillary Clinton is said to have fainted and suffered a concussion while she has avoided being in Washington for the past 3 months, all to avoid testifying before Congress on the Benghazi incident.

The one thing we do now know is where the buck doesn’t stop. The buck that used to stop on Harry Truman’s desk seems to dart hither and thither in today’s Washington.

Despite direct ties to the office of the Attorney General, Fast & Furious was swept under the rug by both the Administration and the media. Despite direct communication between the Attorney General’s office and senior White House staff, executive privilege was invoked and no follow-up was done. Two federal agents dead; over 200 Mexican citizens dead, and a coverup of the murder last month of a Mexican beauty queen by a weapon implicated in Fast & Furious and no one in the Administration bears responsibility.

Vague reports of “senior staffers” miscommunicating and plausible deniability are all we see today from the “most transparent and open administration ever”. Top secret information leaks like a sieve from the White House itself with condemnation by both parties and no one bears responsibility.

Cabinet level officials such as Kathleen Sebelius line the pockets of friends and cronies and no one bears responsibility.

This is not bureaucratic ineptitude but rather a conscious effort to hide the facts and truth. It is still anyone’s guess why the Administration lied about Benghazi. But time and again, it seems that the Administration is doing its best to best the Nixon Administration in coverups.

Even in the negotiations on the fiscal cliff, the President has done his best to obscure the facts and refuses to consider spending cuts, promising that sometime in the future they might be considered. All the while he blames his opposition for intransigence.

The President cannot be pinned with any of the policy disasters of his administration. He slips like mercury through the fingers of responsibility.

Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II were all held accountable for their actions. But today, with a sycophantic press and docile Congress, Barack Obama has shirked responsibility time and again. It is very clear that the buck never, ever stops on his desk.




1 thought on “We now know where the buck doesn’t stop

  1. The biggest enemy of the American people is the American press. Their abject failure at their single task- to inform the public of what happens in the world- is mind-boggling.

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