Is That All There Is? Our existential crisis

Several hundred feet above me I can hear the clatter of the news helicopters flying mindlessly above the scene of an incident that was over 2 hours ago where some guy who lost his job shot a pistol into the air in the local Macy’s parking lot. The mall was locked down and the people evacuated. The helicopters are mindless recorders of nothing.

And on Facebook and Twitter the flame wars on firearms are in full engagement after the horrors in Newton, CT yesterday. Leftists from across the Blue Spectrum are calling for gun control, and yet the response from the Right is muted for the most part. They are still mourning the dead, for that is right and proper.

Accusations against the NRA and gun owners are flying fast & furious, and yet no one really has the facts, and the elephant in the living room has been ignored.

Pure evil does exist. We see it around us all the time ,it seems lately.  We are seing more pure evil every day. We are horrified by the murder of 20 children and their teachers, and yet there is no horror at the daily death toll in “gun free” Chicago. It is acceptable according to the rules of the game the way it is played today.

Back in the early 1970’s, Peggy Lee recorded a hit song titled “Is that all there is?”. It was the ultimate existential ballad. “If that’s all there is my friend, let’s keep on dancing. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.”

Existentialism has poisoned our society. From Nietzsche to Sartre to Camus the belief systems that have sustained humanity for thousands of years have been eroded to nothing. “Science” has been raised to the new godhead and yet the more we know, the more we realize that we don’t know.

The old belief systems have been undermined as well as a program of destruction of the moral system we live in. The philosophies of Derrida and Foucault deal in relativism and equivalency with nothing behind the curtain except the destruction of belief. The deep cynicism of humor today no longer reflects the conflicts within our relationships with the world but rather the desire to tear it all down.

The churches lose their parishioners and yet there is nothing with which to replace the belief system of 5,000 years.

And yet, as Dooley Wilson sang 70 years ago, the fundamental truths apply. Those are immutable. Nietzsche has attempted to replace Plato and Aristotle and the Tao with…..nothing. The superman? The Nazi and Soviet ideal which has been utterly disproven?

The bodies and souls of hundreds of millions of human beings and almost 100 years of experience point towards the failure of the existential model and of socialism. Maoism and communism and socialism have been disproven in technicolor and replaced with statism and crony capitalism where there is no morality. The statists today are offering nothing but more of the same damn fool nostrums that were disproven in 1989 and repudiated even by the most hard-core communists.

And yet we wonder why these horrible massacres occur. What the hell did you expect when you threw out morality and systems of morality built upon the critical thinking of 4,000 years?  Anything goes and “I’m OK, You’re OK”  are not valid moral philosophies.

And when one throws out morality, one throws out the entire basis for not only faith, but the law itself. How can one make judgements in a non-judgmental society? It all then becomes relative and subjective.there is no universally defined “good”.

So back to the gun debate. A gun is an inanimate object like a lawn chair or a pair of pliers or a trombone. It is only when it is picked up that it finds a use. It seems that we do not want to question the person who picks up the gun, but rather want to simply ban its presence.

And yet the essential question to all of this is “why?”. If one doesn’t ask that question, there will never be an answer.  The Constitution itself is pellucid on the reasons and purpose of the 2nd Amendment, and when one considers the police state that America is becoming, the justification has also never been more clear. The violations of the Constitution that have been perpetrated by our government are the most serious in our history.

But yet we have tolerated the evil use of those firearms. The debate is a necessary one, but we must examine first principles first.

In China the other day, a man ran amok with a knife injuring 22 people. Do we consider banning knives?

But without a strong moral compass it all means nothing. Nothing at all. And we shall descend even further into darkness.





1 thought on “Is That All There Is? Our existential crisis

  1. I think you are correct in identifying our society as sick, and that this is the cause of incidents of violence. However, I don’t share your nostalgia for old, outdated belief systems. The old days weren’t that great, and we need to evolve forward. The popular view of science as an inadequate replacement for traditions such as religions indicates in incomplete understanding of science, and the philosophy of science. I suggest you look into Humanism as a philosophy. It is for mature adults who are ready to take responsibility for creating meaning in their lives, as opposed to grown children who want the meaning of their lives spoon fed to them by authorities.

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