Bush vs. Obama – Disaster Edition

There is another strange disconnect just before this election. As some New Yorkers dumpster dive and many Jerseyites spend another cold night without basic services, the president has been bouncing across the map like a pinball trying to shore up his election chances. What is more strange is how the press have given him a hall pass for doing so.

In 2005 in the aftermath of Katrina, the media made it its mission to blame Bush for every hiccup in the relief efforts. Whether it was the response of the National Guard or the New Orleans Police or FEMA, it was “Bush’s Fault”. On the other side of the Mississippi though, Governor Haley Barbour and his team quietly went about rebuilding his equally damaged state and never was the breakdown in leadership in Louisiana mentioned.

In New Jersey this week non-union power crews were shunned and went to Pennsylvania instead. 1,000,000 homes and businesses are without power in New Jersey. Rescuers are still finding new victims as of this morning.

400,000 homes and businesses on Long Island are without power with temperatures in the 30’s and 30,000+ are homeless in New York City. There are few if any television cameras. The election is sucking up all the air time.

The President on the other hand left the White House this morning for stops today in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. He will not be back in Washington until Tuesday night. How can he have time to deal with the crisis if he is spending all of his time campaigning?

And the response from the media? crickets……

A new storm is moving in on New York and New Jersey and temperatures are in the icebox. Hundreds of thousands of people need shelter now. Would that the media might hold the President’s actions up to scrutiny, but we can be certain that isn’t going to happen. They have proven themselves completely partisan.

What will it take to force the media to do their job? How many people will have to die before they shine the spotlight on the limited efforts and engagement of our government?


17 thoughts on “Bush vs. Obama – Disaster Edition

  1. Back in ’92, then Governor Lawton Chiles, delayed making his disaster declaration, by at least a day, slowing the pace of recovery

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  3. Well, once Romney wins the election, the media can start blaming him for the problems with the recovery efforts. Hell, the noreaster can also be blamed on Romney, as it’ll get to New York after the election.

  4. Amen. Thanks for this. I’ve been waiting for someone more articulate to put it in words. There are so many other comparisons to be made, from the failure to prepare and evacuate by mayors of New Orleans and Atlantic City, to the wise decision by Bush (later mocked) to avoid tying up airspace, landing space and manpower to secure a photo opportunity, to, well, you get the picture.

  5. The press will start doing it’s job the day, no minute no second Romney is sworn in. Actually the day after the election. They will need a day to emotinally cleanse themselves with crying.

  6. Cold blooded just like the weather, but it says here that Barack Obama won New Jersey by a margin of 57% to 42% in 2008.

    You get the level of competence you vote for. Tough luck they rolled the dice on a self serving cretin. Nothing to do but suck it up.

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  8. How about I just post the standard rubrick: By calling into question President Obama’s actions, it just shows how racist you are. Why else would you even mention this, except for the fact he is black

  9. “What will it take to force the media to do their job?”
    Don’t you mean propagandists?

    “How many people will have to die before they shine the spotlight on the limited efforts and engagement of our government?”
    Mere “bumps in the road” as dear leader stated.

  10. This one’s easy. Largely blue states. They aren’t gonna turn for Romney…ain’t even close. Pays the same for Obama whether he shows up or not. As for the ’emergency services’? Same thing applies. The democrat friendly media is already phasing out the story in the east. Having a competitive electoral composition does have its advantages

  11. “What will it take to force the media to do their job?”
    There is nothing that can force the media to do their job because there is no one to define their job except themselves.

    “How many people will have to die before they shine the spotlight on the limited efforts and engagement of our government?”
    There is no limit. The MSM are inherently unwilling to do anything to reflect badly on Obama, and there is nothing that will make them do otherwise. Nothing.

  12. “What will it take to force the media to do their job?”

    When consumers wise up and start getting their news from true professions the biased media will die. If everyone canceled their subscriptions to the liberal newspapers then the papers would be dead in a month.

    The trend is in this direction, but it isn’t fast enough.

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