The Haqqani/Pakistani Attack on Camp Bastion

The BBC seem to be the only ones who followed up on the attack on Camp Bastion on September 14. It seems that the base is not as remote as it has been said to be. Several key points were made in the article.

.    The attackers did extensive reconnaissance before the attack – The attackers accesses the weakest point on the base on the night of a new moon.  The access point was the shortest distance between the wire the target. The night vision goggles of patrolling sentries would not pick up a signature.

. The attackers knew exactly what their target was – The attackers immediately upon getting through the wire headed directly to the hangars and tarmac where Marine Squadron VMA -211 was based. They broke into two teams

. The attackers knew exactly how to cause maximum destruction – immediately upon arriving, the attackers fired RPG rounds at 8 of the harrier jump jets. RPG’s are one of the best tools available to destroy an aircraft and all 8 were taken out in a matter of moments. They brought the right tools with them.

. The attackers held out for four hours – Only four members of the Quick Reaction Force were left unwounded after the attack. Two of their vehicles were destroyed. many of the attackers were downed in the first 30 minutes, but the survivors had to be dug out using Apache helicopters. The attackers knew where to hide.

A Taliban cameraman waited in place just outside the wire for hours to catch the chaos caused by the attack.The video shows pillars of smoke and helicopters from a short distance. This would indicate the cameraman knew where to hide and how to evade capture. The video was a priceless trophy for the insurgents and had to be preserved at all costs.

ISAF Intelligence sources briefed the BBC and stated that the attack carried all of the hallmarks of the Haqqani Network. The Haqqanis are linked directly to Pakistan’s ISI. In the past, Pakistani military officers carrying military identification have been found dead at the sites of some of the most violent attacks in Afghanistan, including school and hospital bombings. It is widely believed that the ISI does much of the operational planning for the highest profile missions.

In the past year, President Obama has authorized over 200 drone strikes in the Northwest Territories, many of these specifically directed at the Haqqani bases in the Miram Shah area. The video released by the Taliban after the attack stated that it was in revenge for the video which caused protests by Muslims around the world, but with such planning it is obvious that this is not the case. One might speculate that the Haqqanis waited for the darkest night of the month instead of September 11 when there was still moonlight. This is another red flag indicating a very professional plan.

It seems the BBC has done a very competent job in reporting on this attack and yet nothing like it has appeared in the American press. After the fiasco surrounding the purposeful misattribution of the Libyan consulate attack by the White House and Department of State and the suggestions that the Administration is purposely trying to cover up Islamic terrorism, the BBC narrative is at odds with our own government and media’s narrative.




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